Tuesday, January 22, 2008


Watch out ! Make sure you switch everything off when you leave your cab or you will come back to a flat battery. If you don't close the back doors properly the courtesy light stays on and will drain it. So will the rear compartment overhead lights (very quickly) and the seatbelt button on the nearside tip down seat. (it's got a red light on it). Other than that, you should be ok, the battery itself is huge and has a date stamp on it. They are designed to handle the constant demands of driving around London all day with lights, heaters, wipers, meters etc all demanding relentless power... After about 3 years, if used as a taxi all day, they begin to fail. Not cheap to replace - about a hundred quid. ? Make sure you keep the water levels up and it's worth 5 minutes disconnecting the cables, cleaning the battery posts and reconnecting securely. A blob of vaseline on the posts before reconnecting helps keep a good connection.(apparently)

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