Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Other Cabbies

I broke down with a flat battery once in North London, so I popped the bonnet and stood staring blankly into the engine bay. I reckon it was the first or second cab that didn't have a passenger on board that stopped alongside me.. I explained that I wasn't a cabbie but the guy didn't care.. " I love these old fairways..." he said, whilst getting the jump leads out of his boot. Five minutes later I was on my way...

And if you are ever a passenger in a proper taxi, just tell the driver that you've got one... You'll be given all sorts of useful advice and re-assured that you've done the right thing.

You may get a few strange looks from cabbies who suspect you are a mini cab driver... it is illegal for a mini cab driver to pick up trade on the street, they must get their passengers through phone bookings only...


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