Sunday, May 18, 2008

Roof Racks

I have discovered on the LONDONTAXICABS group ( which is brilliant by the way ) that you can get roof racks from halfords. Just ask for ones to fit an FX4, or an early Land Rover Discovery.


  1. I got a set on eBay;

    Drivers of FX4s or Fairways (any of them with the vinyl roof) might find that they need to hack away some of the vinyl covering to give the racks any kind of purchase in the gutters - my covering was all peeling and expanding.

  2. Hello Matt,

    can you pls show a photo of what i have to take off the vinyl roof? I´m interested in such roof racks, but i don´t really want to harm the vinyl roof... Is there a way to do this?

  3. This is handy for vehicle owners who are fond of adventure and roadtrips. Installing this tool in your vehicle will also give your car a stylish touch. This accessory could go well with my van.

  4. You can definitely make use of these roof mounts if you're into cycling, kayaking, or any other extreme sport. Bringing equipment along will be so much easier with these. And with these mounts in place, you can have more space in your trunk for other stuff needed on a trip.

  5. Very few, if any, modern cars have roof gutters to take a conventional roof rack . Halfords would only recommend an expensive Thule system of roof bars and separate feet. The guy looked up the taxi on the computer and, predictably, said it wasn't on the system and as a consequence he would not happily sell me the bars, and in fact Thule would probably be in touch with Halfords if they found out! I'm at the beginning of a ten week tour through Europe, ending up in Morocco, and a roof box would have been ideal. I'm going to try some independent motor factors.

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