Sunday, September 5, 2010


My taxi is now for sale. It has no MOT, and no tax.
Good bits:
A very smart steering wheel
Nice new chrome boot handle, filler cap, and window chrome strips.
Good engine with 350 000 miles on it
Brand new battery

Bad bits,
Rusty doors
Faulty alternator possibly, or could just be bad connection
Rear offside drum brake sticks - probably can be loosened / adjusted
2 bad tyres at back

front panels, bonnet, boot all good
rear arches have a bit of rust
passenger interior good
No glass divider

Any offer accepted that is sort of reasonable...


  1. Hey there,
    We have been following your blog lately becuase we are planning on getting a black cab for our private use around london. You have offered so much great information and its been lots of fun to follow.
    Can we ask why you are selling it... and and whose blog we are going to follow to find out information!!

    From Jacqui and Mia

  2. Sorry to hear you are selling your cab. Your blog has been such a help & I read it great detail before I purchased my 1992 Fairway. I researched for about 4 months before I bought my taxi & this site was a fantastic source of information which I still refer to it on a weekly basis. Thanks for everything

    1. Likewise! I just saw this post today and I'm quite sad because I kinda like your cab but it's too late for me I already both another 1. I will still follow your blog and wait for your new updates. Or if you have any Used Engines For Sale that I can use for fixing my other old cab.

  3. I'm selling it because I'm just way too busy to fix her up… I'm really pleased that you've enjoyed reading my blog, please keep posting anything useful and I promise to keep the blog updated.
    My kids think I'm mad by the way, perhaps I should think again…


  4. If you get rid of it you'll regret it.
    The bodywork issues are a pain but with a chassis the repairs can be done with filler,strength isn't an issue like it is with the modern things.Brake sticking is usually the handbrake mechanism or a cylinder sticky.
    Get your overalls out and have a grovel underneath for a day,you know it makes sense.

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  6. Sorry Megan - i really havent thought about it, and now i'm starting to think i should get my spanners out.. I've got a giant tub of body filler knocking around somewhere... if only I had some time...
    Let me ponder a while, because the pressure to keep her is growing..


  7. Glad to know you're having second thoughts. It would be like getting rid of one of your children! Well not quite, but I know that I'm very fond of my cab & would find it difficult to part with. Incidentally I've just had her fully rustproofed with Dinitrol which should keep her in good condition for a few years. I would suggest anyone who owns a cab should look into this treatment.

  8. Hi Dis

    I haven't posted a comment on here before but I feel the need to also try and talk you out of selling your cab!! I am another who was inspired by your blog and I now love my black cab like I've loved no other car (sorry Merc, RIP) Like others have said you will probably regret it and any problems could be easily fixed I'm sure.
    I got myself a lovely R reg Fairway which I have transformed into an older looking FX4 (chrome bumpers and all!) It's a labour of love and we can't wait to drive back to Dublin for christmas with the dog up front!
    Your blog was a great resource for me and the only thing I can add for anyone who gets a cab is to get friendly with a local taxi garage (I can recommend a great one in London) These guys know taxis inside out and what seems like a huge problem to you or me could be fixed for 30 quid.
    Please don't sell your baby, you know you don't want to!

  9. I think you're getting ganged up on.
    Overalls on,spanners out
    You know it makes sense.

  10. hi i have a pair of lefthand doors complete with can repair these then swop them for your own ones.1 small dent and bit of rust at bottom in black of course. free to collector.that should spur you on a bit. he will have to get the overalls on and spanners out now middx area.

  11. I just wanted to say that your blog has been a wonderful resourse to me as I have contemplated buying an FX4. As I await the arrival of my cab in Canada later this fall, I hope that you won't sell your car and then later ask your self; why did I sell it? This is a mistake that has been repeated many times in my family over the years.

  12. Don't do it!! This blog convinced me buying a cab was a cracking idea. Haven't looked back so thanks for that. the thought of buying a sensible mondeo must hurt a little...

  13. I sold mine about 8 months ago as I'd bought a lemon and couldn't aford to fix her but there isn't a moment where I don't regret it and whilst that may seem weird, it is true! If you are able to store her and get her back to anyhere near her former glory do it.

  14. It was your blog that convinced me I was doing the right thing when I started looking for a cab and all my friends thought I was daft. I was starting to think they were right. I'm not mechanical, would I regret it? Well, thanks to your blog :) I'm picking up my new '96 Fairway Driver on Friday!! Don't make me think i'm doing the wrong thing!!! Keep her! You know it makes sense.

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  16. i had a carbodies taxi 1992 which is the best car i ever owned, bought of ebay for £700. i had it serviced and tired for 200 quid and drove to wales from cambs many times. it was polished and everything worked when a drunken idiot did a head on swerve torwards me at night which wrote it off, but if i was in a normal car i would not be writing this now so i can only say its a purchase you will not regret. i am wanting one again to drive around the family now in the valleys.

  17. A little tune up on the bad bits may cost a bit but it isn't that complicated to repair either. It's still good overall seems it works pretty well and have a good 350k miles on it already.

  18. A little tune up on the bad bits may cost a bit but it isn't that complicated to repair either. It's still good overall seems it works pretty well and have a good 350k miles on it already.

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  24. I can tell you for sure you are not gonna sell it. :P

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