Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Buying a London Taxi

You can try eBay but be careful, there are definitely some dodgy deals going on there. If you register on eBay you can do a search of completed auctions to see how much taxis have been sold for previously. Be sure to do an RAC check, and pay cash when you have seen the car. If it doesn't seem to be as advertised you can walk away.

Elite London Taxis offer taxis that have been carefully sourced and fixed up. Well worth checking out, but often out of stock as the cabs they have seem to sell quickly.

Also be sure to try London Taxi Exports.

Probably the best bet is to visit a few taxi garages and make enquiries there. If the owner thinks he will get your loyal business and he can make a few hundred quid on the deal there's no reason why he won't help you find something. You will have to use your own judgment as to whether he will give you a fair deal, and you may have to wait quite a while before something shows up. I can definitely recommend Keith on 0207 733 3228 and you can give Jim a call on 0207 738 7954.

Another way would be to print up some leaflets explaining what you are after and spend the day outside one of Londons main railway stations. Look for nice clean cabs and hand the leaflet to the driver. Whilst you're at it, ask him if he has any spare taxi newspapers, they are full of useful info and sometimes cabs for sale.

If you can get your hands on a P or R reg Fairway Driver Plus with less than 200,000 miles on it, you will be laughing.


  1. Fantastic to read your blog. Really trying to purchase a Fairway for about 12-1500 quid. Trying to regain London routes after living in Poole, Dorset for a few years. Great to read and address 99% of my queries so many thanks for that. Trying to avoid e-bay as think it is well overated, so will check out other specialist sites. I also have an uncle who is a London cabbie so will set him on the trail

    Thanks again

    Poole, Dorset

  2. Hi Neil, I reckon your Uncle will be very useful, you shouldn't have any problems finding something good within your budget... It may take a while though. Have only spent a couple of hours on the blog, will do some more updating when i get a bit of time. Good luck and let me know how you get on...

  3. Interesting blog! I bought a '94 red Fairway direct from it's one and only owner / part time driver (London) last year and keep it on standby in the garage for when mother in law comes to stay. She can't cope with getting in and out of our day to day vehicles.
    The cab was always garaged when not in use so is in fairly reasonable nick although I think the gearbox is getting a bit lazy.
    The kids love riding in the the cab although I put the wind up my son when I showed him what it was like to go round and round in circles on full lock!
    I've put a new exhaust and battery on her and a set of Austone tyres and re-installed a meter obtained cheap off ebay as the kids like to see how much a ride would have cost them.
    I'll send you a couple of photos if you like.

  4. Hi Steve,
    Thanks for your comments and please send me some photos - i'll post them on this blog...Also any cab related links or info that will help make this blog more useful...
    I'm trying to find a Fairway owners manual to add to the site at the moment...


  5. Hey,

    I live in West London and am looking to purchase a second hand fairway over the next 2 - 3 months for around £1000. Unfortunatly this tight budget puts me a long way short of being able to go through the larger second hand taxi dealers so I am looking for alternatives. Any thoughts?


  6. Hi first of all a very Happy Christams to one and all.....
    I am thinking of selling my 1994 on an M Reg Fairway I have had her for just over a Year and want to get someting else so the Cab is on a SORN and will need MOT too.....shouldn't think would need much doing as I have only done about a 1000 miles since buying and I am including the Previous owner who was a Female and the Cabbie who bought it New she also was a Female so I am the 3 rd Owner.
    If interested eamil me at and I can send Pikkys

  7. Great blog !

    Living in the South of France, I am trying to make a small rental business of London fairway cabs. We French love this car down here ! Plus the place is packed with highly-paid Brits.

    I have contacted the 2 companies you have been mentioning but I would also consider others. Indeed, I do not favour E-bay biz.

    Ideally my first purchase (and definitely not the last one) woud be a :
    - Nissan engine ;
    - Automatic transmission ;
    - London cab with anti-pollution system ;
    - Mileage / age not an issue as long as I can count on the car for developping my biz ;
    - Rust free for French authorities ;
    - white ;
    - sundeck (why not ?)
    - Budget : 1200/1500 pounds

    Should you hear about such a car owned by someone seeking a long term biz relationship, would you please have this person to contact me ?

    Many thanks

    philippegiboulot at

  8. Has anyone got a Fairway Driver 1996 Owner Drivers Manual for this vehicle type for sale?

    Can anyone help me with the tyre pressures recommended for the vehicle?

    Just got my black cab from Elite Taxis who I highly recommend as their customer care is superb,go to their website for more details.

    Insurance, don't keep trying normal insurance companies as it will cost you a fortune being held on hold, just for them to tell you they can't insure it. Go to Peter Best classic car insurance for instant success.

    Thanks and Happy New Year to you all.

    Geoff Worthing

  9. Does anyone know how to fix a broken fuel gauge. I don't even know how to get to or where the sender unit is!
    Thank you

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