Wednesday, January 23, 2008

What are they like to own ?

Brilliant fun. First off you get to pretend to be a taxi driver. You can lean your head towards the partition window and start rabbitting on about who you had in your cab last week. And moan about the traffic and rickshaws and Ken Livingstone or whatever you like without fear. You can show off to your friends by doing complete turns in the width of the road. But most of all, you will grow to love the reassuring sound of that bullet proof engine clattering away as you trundle proudly around your neighborhood, safe in the knowledge that you have a car that will probably last you ten years, and cost very little to own and run.

If you have kids like me, then its a no brainer... Bags of room, you can wheel your buggy straight in, and when they start moaning about something you can just slide the partition window shut.


  1. Always wanted a black cab but was put off because I'm 6'5" and it looks very cramped up front.

    I saw Stephen Fry driving his black cab and this did not dispel my fears! What do you reckon?

  2. You're right Barry, this was a big complaint by many cabbies - if you are tall you will have problems. There was an interview with a cabbie on a documentary a while back, who was in constant pain because he had to stoop to see out the windscreen, and his knees were touching the steering wheel. What you need is a HUMMER...

  3. It's amazing that a classic vehicle like that is still in use nowadays. You're very lucky to own that cab. I'm sure it is ideal for family outings and road trips as well. How long have you been using that vehicle?

  4. Do you have the important specs for that car? I actually find it cool. I should try to purchase one, since today is summer. This is also ideal for family trips and outings.