Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Interior Panels

Expect a few holes where signs have been fitted and lots of stickers. Just about everything is fixed with self tapping screws, so if you have a philips screwdriver you can strip the interior out in a few hours. This is a good opportunity to clear out all the bits of rubbish and two pence coins that have been rattling away inside the doors. You will also see how the sliding window works - if it isn't working as you expect it will be because of the 2 steel coil springs fitted to the bottom rail of the window glass. They are about £6 each to replace and it is easy to do. You will also see how the window lock works - it's a simple lever arrangement and it can get bent over time - again easy to replace by undoing 2 screws.


  1. Hi, very good blog.

    Do you kindly know where i could find the steel coil springs that operate the window, as one of mine has rusted.

  2. Try Taxi Mart - 020 8498 1912