Tuesday, January 22, 2008


You can add a seat in the front passenger side... most people buy a tip seat from the breakers yard and get it fitted at the garage. You will need seat belts as well. Because the seat can flip up, you may want to fit a steel box underneath it, you can bolt it to the floor and fit a lock. When the seat is dropped down the box is hidden from view.


  1. Do you happen to know - if you fit a front seat do you need to have it safety checked or tell your insurers?

  2. I have added a front seat to my Fairway and also a diagonal seat belt which is fixed to centre coloumn. Seats and seatbelts fixings are part of the MOT test so any issues will be highlighted then. But use a good garage and this will not be a problem. With regards to insurance I have declared it as a modification, but when you explain, again this has not been an issue. BTW even a tow bar is a modification so with any insurance for any car if you do not delare this then there could be issues later on if you make a claim. So just declare.

  3. Hi guys I'm currently looking at purchasing an "old lady" for a private car. The wife is wanting to know if you can fit a regular seat in the passenger front rather than a flip down ( think she's after comfort!). Does anyone know what seats fit? Or has anyone fitted a normal seat?

  4. I fitted a normal seat, or more accurately half a normal seat!

    Basically there isn't enough space for a full seat with the back rest as well, so I just put in the base of the seat from an old Peugeot and the divider acts as a back rest made a bit more comfy with some foam!

    It will also sit too low so you need to raise it up by welding in some spacers and putting the seat on them.

    It's easy to put a seat belt in as you can use the fittings from the wheelchair belt fittings in the back.

    Comfort wise.... Well I was the driver so I rarely sat in it, but my passengers said it was pretty uncomfortable to be honest! It was useful tho, but people would often prefer the back!

    Hope this is of use!

  5. helo i need to buy a passanger seat for a 1967 austin taxi cab wer can i get 1?