Tuesday, January 22, 2008


There are plenty of places to get spare parts, both new and used. The good news is that for the most-part they are very cheap, and well built so that they last a good long time. Remember that many of the components on a taxi have been built to be serviceable by a mechanic, and not 'throwaway and replace' like modern cars. There are links at the top right of this page to dealers who can supply pretty much anything you need. Ebay is also a good place to find this stuff, and there are plenty of breakers yards out there. Your first enquiry should be with your local taxi garage... the mechanics there may well have what you need lying around in a corner somewhere.

I bought this flashy wooden steering wheel because:
A - the old one was worn out and lumpy.
B - the wooden one is flashy.
C - I am a looney who is willing to spend £120 on a flashy wooden steering wheel.

Of course, I could have bought a decent second hand original one from a breakers yard for ten quid.

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