Tuesday, January 22, 2008

My Cab

Pictured above is the 1996 Fairway Driver I bought on Ebay for £1900. I definitely paid more than it was worth - I reckon £1500 would have been more like it. It arrived dirty and a bit neglected, but it had at least been driven up from Wales. If there had been anything mechanically wrong, I guess it wouldn't have made it up to London. There were various electrical glitches, and rattles and stuff that generally needed tinkering with. I took it straight to the nearest taxi garage and had it looked at by Keith and Jim. 20 minutes and a lot of crowbar banging later, Jim announced that it was fine, just needed a few bits sorting out. The chassis was good, bodywork typical for its age, engine fine, gearbox fine etc etc. The policy seems to be that you just wait for things to go wrong, and deal with the problems then. "It will won't let you down mechanically" he said, It's only done 285,000 miles..."


  1. It looks great! It has classic design, but it still looks new to me. This will catch a lot of attention whenever you hit the road. And it seems perfect for a trip with your family. You're very fortunate to have made a good bargain for an old model car that still works well. Congratulations on that wonderful ride.

  2. I have to agree with Stelle. Your new classic ride is absolutely stunning. You made it appear like it's a new model. The color black makes it even more striking! A dark vintage cab is not something you see everyday. =)

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