Sunday, May 18, 2008

The Engine

This is the Nissan 2.7 Bullet-Proof Diesel Engine. You will need one of these in your cab otherwise you will be buggered.


  1. anybody have any experience that removing all the emissions equipment restores power. mine seems very sluggish with the van aaken system.

  2. i have just removed all the van aaken system. you will need to get to 5/8 inch pipe joiners for the heater hoses either side of the rocker box.they have a t peice at the moment.also i replaced the down pipe. for a non cat one it now revs like a 2 stroke and feels like its got 30 percent more power,its a little noisy i will have to get the rear silencer as well or refit the cat downpipe as it sounds like a lancaster bomber at full throttle,good luck regards des.